Many threads in a small window: The Cubicle series at CIRCA

January 18, 2022 - Misha Krynauw | ARTTHROB

There is much debate on the nature of the exhibition structure. Tensions between various models of presentation – solo vs. group, retrospective vs. showcase, etc. – inform the reputations of the institutions that perform them. Directly, or indirectly. Consciously, or unconsciously. The size and duration of any given exhibition is indicative of who may see and be seen, and under which conditions.

The strange swaying of the pandemic’s pendulum between ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and ‘online’ and ‘outside’ has disrupted the rhythms of these models, and brought into question their future formations. Even so, the distinct pleasure of entering a gallery space – just being there – remains one of the gifts I treasure in this life. Alternating deftly between the scale and scope of their presentations, CIRCA’s ongoing ‘Cubicle’ series platforms site-specific installations and “smaller bodies of artworks” for two weeks at a time.