RICKY DYALOYI: A Paradox of Our Times



RICKY DYALOYI: A Paradox of Our Times
Sep 20 – Oct 13, 2018

Everard Read / CIRCA is proud to present A Paradox of Our Times an exhibition of new works by Ricky Dyaloyi at CIRCA Cape Town. Opening on Thursday 20th September, it will run until 13th October 2018.


A Paradox of Our Times

20 September – 13 October 2018

The reflection of today’s world.
A world that generally preaches democracy by lip service without much consideration and understanding of the intricate diversities of the deference’s in terms of social groups such as rich and poor among other factors. A world where materialism dictates the hearts and minds of men, wipes it out like bleach and eradicates their feelings for humanity, compassion, considerations and understanding. This wiping out is then replenished with diseases of the heart such as greed, corruption, nepotism and social injustices that exploits the interest and daily survival of the common good of society.

Equilibrium is the foundation of maintaining things in good order. The same applies to human social stratification, survival and prosperity. For instance, in a society where the majority are poor and lack basic education and health opportunities depict some indications of imbalances in the prevailing socio-political and socio-economic trends in these areas and their related factors. In this regard, as social change agents we are then duty bound to identify and formulate policies and strategies that will alleviate such imbalances and to put in place an efficient and effective system that will generate an equilibrium.

- Ricky Dyaloyi


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*Images courtesy of Michael Hall